Good property management companies strive to minimise risk and maximise clients’ profits.


Managing multi-occupied properties involves understanding a wide range of complex information and relationships. It is important that people with operational responsibilities are briefed on exactly how the safety on sites operate, the things that happen and what the extent and limitations of control and legal compliance are required.


We are involved with many landmark properties and developments and are advising and acting for clients on every type of real estate compliance, including offices, industrial and logistics, retail, leisure, hotels, hospitality, residential, business parks, shopping centres and mixed-use developments.


Our specialist compliance and risk management team provide expert advice on aspects of property management compliance.


One of the ways we help you deliver is by offering incentives to clients, which can range from risk management software, compliance auditing, refurbishments to contractor management to complex construction developments.


It’s critical that property management companies are both proactive and reactive when dealing with tenants, lease and freeholders in legal safety matters.



Health & Safety Property Compliance Services

Property Compliance Auditing

Legal compliance is one of the key components that this audit is based upon, an essential part of any successful property business. Not only do the external 3rd party audits provide you a more accurate review that is non bias they provide the legal framework for compliance, it also lays the foundations for continuous improvement to enhance a competitive advantage.


Demonstrating your committed to clients, tenants, employees, customers, accreditors and all other stakeholders It’s a chance to highlight business successes and promote opportunities.


It ensures the systems you have in place are working efficiently and compliant, it further helps to identify areas for improvement and potential weaknesses.


LCS Property Compliance Audit is to establish, legal documents, implement and maintaining systems for managing safety risks within Property and Asset Management.

Risk Management

It is a legal requirement for an employer or person in control of premises to carry out risk assessments. Reflecting the significant hazards associated with the operation of the premises and identify suitable controls to minimise risks.


Its aim is to protect tenants and others from harm, reduce impacts, protecting the property and company reputation, increasing stability of your operations, and preventing fines, prosecution and imprisonment.


An effective risk management programme is not intended to eliminate all risks, however having an appropriate and operational risk management programme in place is a key component to ensure property and people safety is achieved.


Along with contractor procurement and management to ensure your legal obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act and Managment of Health and Safety Regulations are cheered to.

Fire Risk Assessment

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 states that Employers (and/or building owners or occupiers) must carry out a fire safety risk assessment and keep it up to date. Further they must ensure that adequate and appropriate fire safety measures are in place to minimise the risk of injury or loss of life in the event of a fire.


To help prevent fire in the workplace, your risk assessment will identify what could cause a fire to start and the people who may be at risk.


Once our highly qualified fire risk assessors have identified the risks, we will assist you to take appropriate action to control them. It shares the same approach as health & safety risk assessments. We provide you with a full Fire Risk Assessment and assist you in the action plan to demonstrate you are carrying out your moral and legal duties.

Portfolio Acquisition & Disposal

Taking properties into management and passing them on to other agents is an important and time-consuming activity with significant implications for risk management and for your reputation and legal obligation; our aim is to maintain an unbroken risk management history for the property and provide you with a successful take on or handover.


When a portfolio is taken into management our agreement with the client may include a high level due diligence review. This will be undertaken by the LCS safety property specialist team based on information and expertise of the property industry.


When properties go out of management we want you to hand them over, in so far as possible, free from liability.


This service helps to ensure you don’t inherit any additional cost or potential legal claims for example not having legally required documentation such as an asbestos survey or electrical safety records for the property.

Vacant & Void Units

A vacant unit or premises are let under a current lease or license but the tenant is not in occupation. A void unit is one where the lease has been surrendered or has reverted to the property owner who now assumes responsibility for that unit or premises.


Vacant units do not need to be managed since the tenant is still responsible for them. But if the unit is unoccupied for a long period it could be subject to vandalism or deterioration and the landlord may need to use his powers under the lease to effect repairs etc.


This service provides you peace of mind that regular checks and lease contracts are being adhered to, demonstrating legal compliance and providing evidence in the event of a potential Insurnace claim, which cost property managers unnecessary cost.


Let LCS help you with our many years experience in Property & Asset carrying ALAR PropertyMark accreditation, we understand the complexities and legal aspects of property management.

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