Staying compliant with the current building legislation is vital in order to sustain safe and legally compliant operations.

LCS provides property compliance services for some of the UK’s and biggest businesses to keep estate portfolios and buildings compliant and risk free.


We work with landmark properties and developments of all types, advise and advocate on every type of real estate compliance, from office blocks, hotels to HMOs, residential to retail


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Property Audit

A must do, for Property and Asset Management.


LCS will ensure the systems and processes you have in place are effective and compliant and identify areas for improvement and potential weaknesses for managing risks within your portfolio. 


Legal compliance is one of the key components our audit is based upon, an essential part of any successful property business. It lays the foundations for continuous improvement to enhance a competitive advantage.

Risk Management

LCS will identify significant hazards associated with the operation of the premises and identify suitable controls to minimise risks. To ensure you as an employer or person in control of premises, are legal compliant.


Having an appropriate and operational risk management in place is a key component to ensure property and people safety. Increasing stability, preventing fines, prosecution and imprisonment.  We identify non compliance and support you in risk mitigation, providing you with an understandable detailed branded report. 

Fire Risk Assessment

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 states: Employers (and/or building owners or occupiers) must carry out a fire safety risk assessment and keep it up to date and ensure that adequate and appropriate fire safety measures are in place to minimise the risk of injury or loss of life in the event of a fire.


LCS’s highly qualified team identify the risks to people and property and provide you with a detailed understandable written report and action plan. Professionally supporting you in carrying out your legal duties.

Water Survey Assessments

Managing commercial or residential premises that contain water systems are required by law to carry out a Legionella Risk Assessment, to prevent exposure.


LCS, water specialists conduct a Water Risk Assessment to identify hazards and recommended actions to take to reduce the risk of legionella outbreak.


Our WRA include a physical survey, a full detailed assessment of your water systems, with comprehensive water log books.

Property Acauistion

Our LCS team provides clients with specialist portfolio acquisition compliance advice. 


We have an extensive track record in property safety management and distressed portfolios, to provide clients with the highest levels of advice, detailed reviews and management. 


LCS services include a full acquisition due diligence review, prior to take on, to highlight inherit risks or potential legal claims. These can all cost property managers and their new tenants unnecessary cost and reputation. 

Property Disposal

Passing over critical information is an important and time-consuming, with significant implications for risk management, reputation and legal damage.


Our Property Disposal service provide a history of the property, detailing the statutory legal undertakings, safety records and documentation, professionally presented ready for handover. 


Giving you peace of mind, that you have carried out and highlighted any outstanding risk, which act as evidence in the event of any potential insurance or contractual claim.

At LCS, we understand the complexities and legal safety aspects of property and asset management

Statutory Property & Compliance Solutions

LCS’s clients combine as part of their property services to ensure compliance is achieved and continually managed, in accordance with legislation, risk mitigation, best practice and to be that brand of difference:


  • Property Compliance Auditing 
  • Environmental Surveys  
  • Emergency Plans & Evacuations
  • Property Compliance Site Folders
  • Site Safety Checks 
  • Compliance Log Books 
  • Property Risk Management Training 
  • Contractors Hazard Information Packs (CHIP’s)
  • Procuring & Managing Contractors 
  • Liaising with enforcement, HSE & Building Control 
  • Project, Refurbishment & Construction Management 
  • LCSHub Risk Compliance – Management System 

Statutory building compliance and property compliance is a complex set of Regulations, assessments and inspections that all businesses need to undertake to comply with current legislation.

LCS will support you to minimise risk whilst maximising service charges.