Compliance with ISO 45001 demonstrates you have robust arrangements in place and are committed to setting higher standards for the safety and wellbeing of your people


Providing commercial advantage, particularly in tendering opportunities, with customers and clients all over the world

What is ISO 45001?


An international standard for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (OHSMS), that has replaced OHSAS 18001. It’s also an excellent way to establish legal compliance.


The standard focuses on leadership commitment and provides protection. It’s a great way of managing risk, avoiding fines and reducing employee absence, driving better business performance.

We Have a Management System


Then putting in ISO will be straightforward. The standard shares a common structure and many elements with the other major standards, integrating seamlessly with other ISO systems – 9001, 14001, and 27001.


LCS offers a tailored path to successful certification, providing a framework to determine to minimise the risk of harm, placing you in high regard with others that are requiring it as a condition of you doing business. 



Many organisations choose LCS to ensure they are complaint and flowing effectively. We audit against the standard and regulations, identifying any non-conformities and corrective actions for continual improvement, as well as highlighting opportunities.


Typically a two-stage process, consisting of a system and initial audit, the cost and duration dependent on company size. Flexible to manage health and safety that suits a wide range of businesses from large organisations, construction, property management to SMS and charities.

Gap Analysis


LCS’s Gap Analysis service offers an overview and certification readiness. For organisations looking to evaluate their current management system against ISO 45001, addressing the standard requirements for implementation and what may be needed to be revised in your current system. 


Explaining the concepts and requirements defined in ISO 45001 as well as how they differ from other management systems. You will receive a report, analysing you’re understanding of ISO 45001, including the areas that will require the most attention to achieve compliance and certification. 

Preparing for ISO 45001 Course


If you are responsible for your OH&S management system or want to migrate your existing OHSAS 18001 to ISO 45001 standard, you will definitely want to attend this course.


Enabling you to understand through practical face-to-face coaching and activities what revisions in your current system are required to develop a migration and implementation plan.

ISO 45001 Introduction Course


Covering the business benefits of implementing and delivering an OH&S management system, providing the essential definitions to help you interpret and apply the requirements of the standard. 


We cover the legal obligations, leadership involvement and best-practice framework for preventing work-related injuries and ill health through the importance of hazard and risk identification.

Planning on achieving ISO, you will need LCS in your corner

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