Appointing a Chartered CDM Advisor to your construction project will give you all the expertise, advice and peace of mind you could possibly need when it comes to minimising health and safety risks and eliminating hazards in your work.
Think you only need this support through physical construction?
Think again. At LCS, we’re with you from concept design through to project completion.
Overall, and no that’s not a pun, we’ll save you cost, time, and court appearances. Trust us, we’ve seen it all before.

Dedicated CDM Advisors, Duty Holder Training, Site Inspections, Construction Audits, CHAS and SafeContractor Accreditation to Contractor Management.

CDM Advisory Service



  • The project location & complexity of the works
  • Estimated duration of the proposed scheme
  • Estimated construction value
  • Competence & resource assessments
  • Risk mitigation at design stage
  • Notifying the project F10
  • Expert support at all stages
  • Site visits & team meetings
  • Liaising with duty holders & HSE
  • Encouraging more integration
  • Checking risk assessments
  • Carrying out regular site audits & inspections
  • Verifying that the arrangements for safety are maintained
  • Ensuring the Health & Safety file has been prepared
  • Advising on the suitability of Health & Safety file
  • CDM Training for all levels of construction


LCS’s fees are amongst the most competitive in the industry and they are based on a “project by project”.


We support you in compliance with The Construction Design Management Regulations 2015, saving you time money and brand protection.

LCS CDM in Practice (2 Day)

For those who require a detailed understanding of the legal requirements on responsibilities or who require understanding of the Regulations.


On LCS CDM 2015 in Practice, you will cover:  An in-depth explanation on how to interpret the key elements. Legal responsibilities specific to duty holders. Detailed insight into the interactions between the duty holders. Health & Safety requirements for construction sites and required documentation to deliver compliance.


LCS CDM Awarnes (1 Day)

By attending LCS CDM Awareness, you will have an understanding of: Legal responsibilities of Construction, Design and Management (CDM) Regulations 2015 Structure of CDM 2015. Duty holders various responsibilities and the project structure. Documentation required purpose and content of the Health & Safety file.

CHAS, SafeContractor Accreditation

Making your business more attractive to potential customers can seem a difficult job. The hard work and quality service you provide should be for everyone to see.  However, standing out from the pack can be tricky.


Appointing LCS, who have proven their Health and Safety credentials, gives clients piece of mind they are making the right choice in appointing you.


After successfully passing an independent Health and Safety assessment, organisations such as CHAS, SafeContractor, Acclaim and SMAS can provide you with the nationally recognised certification your company will need to demonstrate you are carrying out your legal duties which in return will grow your business.


Such certification can be used during your contract tendering stages and can even be a prerequisite for starting any contracts with some of the larger national contractors & councils.


We will help you in all the aspects of Health and Safety management to achieve successful accreditation. Taking you through every stage of the pre-qualification process, we will ensure that your registration forms are completed carefully.

Win more tenders.  Be ahead of your competition.

Legislation places duties on employers and organisations when appointing contractors, including the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974, The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999.  The Occupiers’ Liability Acts 1957 (common law duties to visitors) and 1984 (duties to trespassers), further The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM).

Our framework to oversee contractor management can be broken down into levelled phases:


  • Assessing and selecting competent contractors
  • Supervision of contractor works
  • Planning for contractor works
  • Contractors Safety Information Packs (CSIPs)
  • Project management of multiple contractors
  • Co operation & communication with contractors
  • Reviewing and assessing contractor performance
  • Regular site inspections
  • Assurance that contractor requirements are being met

Contractor Management


It is essential that any organisation appointing external contractors has a robust process in place for appointing and managing.


Following any incident it will be necessary for the ‘client’ to evidence the steps and controls they have taken to identify and appoint ‘competent’ contractors and the processes they have in place to continue to manage effectively.


Some of the potential issues when appointing contractors can include:


  • Clients may not be adequately resourced to effectively manage contractor activities from project planning through to completion
  • Contractors may use sub-contractors which may not be apparent to the client
  • Accurately assess contractor relationships with their suppliers, especially when providing safety critical components which may require specialist training and/or instruction
  • Contractors may not have the same level of safety commitment or safety culture
  • Contractors may change experienced personnel without notifying the client
  • Day to day contractor operations can be problematic if not well planned and organised
  • Contracts can be agreed on the lowest cost bid criteria which may not be in line with the best overall contractor safety performance
  • If adequate due diligence is not undertaken, issues (such as lack of resources, poor safety performance and management, etc.) may not be identified before a contractor commence work.


A client’s contractor safety management process must be designed to manage the risk that contract works introduce into an organisations’ operations.


It is critical that the organisation understands how to manage these types of arrangements and any client should have a defined procedure within their safety management system that defines the minimum requirements for contracted services.

Contractor Managment Training (1 Day)

‘Contractor Management ‘ is a one-day course, to give you the confidence and skills to help you effectively select, manage and reduce risk. 

We cover, the legal obligations in management of contractors.  Contractor challenges, what needs to be in place, how to select a good contractor, PQQ process, reviewing risk assessments, exceptions, assessing performance and on going management. 

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