We’re here to keep people safe, businesses and construction projects compliant and the responsible persons out of jail

At LCS, we work with businesses and business leaders, to ensure the people and the company are healthy, safe and successful.


Supporting a range of businesses in Liverpool and throughout the UK and Italy to deliver their health and safety legal duties with great effect. 


We work really well with SMEs and on a wider scale to provide specialist legal support to senior leaders and construction projects to multi-national organisations, large corporations and PLCs.


We recognise that for a variety of reasons, actions to ensure those safe and healthy working conditions are not always seen as important and valuable as it should be. Factors such as misapplied or disproportionate procedures, finances, lack of professional support, poor systems, inadequate or opaque legislation and regulation all contribute to this perception.  Which present implications to businesses.


LCS was formed to demonstrate the business opportunities that can come from compliance.  Our vision is to protect and provide a positive, professional and understandable friendly services to our clients.  That is proactive and not reactive with health and safety being valued as an essential part of business success. Our mission for businesses to grow and ensure that every person goes home at the end of the working day healthy to a safe home.

What makes us ‘A Brand of Difference in Health and Safety’?


We know from personal experience the impacts of poor health and safety negligence in the workplace can bring, to an individual and their loved ones.


We don’t want you, your people or the business to be merely a tick box healthy and safe must do exercise.


We really want to show you the growth, reputation and loyalty that comes from embracing health and safety.


We want people to be happy and protected, building infrastructures and businesses to be sustainable, productive and profitable.


LCS exists to make sure this can happen.

Protect.  Advocate.  Leadership.  Philanthropy.  Innovation.  Passion