We’re here to keep people safe, businesses compliant, and responsible persons… out of jail.


We have a very simple mission… to ensure that every person goes home at the end of the working day healthy to a safe home.


We are leading Chartered health and safety providers of professional compliance services based in Liverpool, specialising in Leadership, Property and Construction and Auditing.  Improving safety and increasing the performance of critical infrastructures for our clients.


Health and safety legislation is becoming more and more enforceable by the day. If you are a Leader, running a business that employs people, building our infrastructure, providing people a home or work space, a place to shop or appointing contractors you need our help.


With prosecutions on the rise, and the issue of work-related injuries and even work-related mental illness are becoming more significant for employers.  With the HSE fees going up to £190 per hour plus expenses, we are much cheaper!


Businesses need to be proactive, not reactive. LCS exists to make sure this can happen.


Supporting a range of businesses in Liverpool and across the UK to deliver their health and safety legal duties with great effect. Though we work really well with SMEs, we also work on a wider scale to provide specialist support and Leadership coaching to multi-national organisations, large corporations and PLCs.


Our aim is to protect and focus on exactly on what our clients need, ensuring you don’t get bogged down with the information that’s not relevant or applicable to your particular business and peoples needs.

What do we mean by ‘A Brand of Difference in Health & Safety’?


We know from personal experience the impacts of poor health and safety negligence in the workplace can bring, to an individual and their loved ones.


At LCS, we don’t want you, your people and your business to be merely a tick box healthy and safe must do exercise.


We want people to be happy and protected, and businesses to be productive and profitable.


LCS is different we instil this into your health and safety practices to create a strong sustainable culture, so that when people leave healthy and safe at the end of the working day, they’ll return happy and willing.

Health and safety legislation isn’t going anywhere, and as the person responsible for it in your workplace, you need to make sure that you’re not going anywhere, either (court, prison, or at best, the Job Centre). Solid safety standards need to be instilled within your working practices as well as your working premises, not only for legal compliance, but for overall growth and sustainability.


Introducing and incorporating strong health and safety practices into any organisation brings business benefits that go beyond legal compliance. Think happy workers, productive processes, and profitable outcomes. We work towards all of this with you, showing you that health and safety is the true heart of your business – not an inconvenient costly add-on.


We know that our clients need more, they need an experienced ‘Brand of Difference in Health and Safety’ to listen, help and support them understand the benefits that go beyond legal compliance.


Our experts are dedicated and passionate and committed with a desire to drive better performance in health and safety.

The key members of our team have been together for over 7 years delivering compliance services for hundreds of clients in all different sectors.   We bring all of that knowledge and expertise to your business. 

We support businesses, developers and leaders in achieving Health & Safety legal compliance

‘Be a Brand of Difference’

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