We keep people safe, businesses compliant and the responsible persons out of jail

Legislation is becoming more enforceable and prosecutions are on the rise and with the issue of work-related injuries and mental illness becoming more significant and growing both for employers and our economy. Businesses cannot afford to respond in a non-reactive way.


Keeping up with all the regulations, a proactive management approach is critical and an essential aspect of a companies strategy.


We support a range of businesses in Liverpool and Merseyside – from start-ups to SME, in delivering their health and safety legal duties.  We further provide specific support to multi-national organisations, corporations and PLCs.


We deliver sensible solutions without burdening you with unnecessary practices or procedures ensuring a ‘reasonable practical’ approach to legal compliance. We dedicate our utmost energy to everyone we work with. Every client and their business is unique, we listen and work with you.

We’re here to help with the solutions


With health and safety legislation here to stay for the future it is vital for any organisation to have good Health and Safety standards instilled within their working practices, not only for legal compliance but for overall growth and sustainability.


‘A Brand of Difference in Health & Safety’  Why? We coach and educate businesses and leaders on individual protection, legal compliance, brand reputation and help you get the very best out of the people you lead so that they go home safe and healthy at the end of the working day.


Bringing protection and opportunity for increased productivity that will only increase profit for any business. Demonstrating that incorporating strong Health and Safety practices into any organisation brings benefits that go beyond legal compliance.

We support businesses and leaders in achieving Health & Safety legal compliance


‘Be a Brand of Difference’

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