Effective leadership in Health & Safety will create long lasting business benefits   Leadership is a beautiful journey, though it comes with a host of challenges and responsibilities – from financial, market instabilities to changing legis....

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Providing a range of professional legal services to meet your needs

Appointed Person By appointing an experienced competent chartered professional, you are ensuring your legally required duties, under Regulation 7 of The Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations. Further demonstrating your commitment to ....

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Construction Design Management

Appointing a Chartered CDM Advisor to any construction project provides the health & safety expertise to minimise risks and eliminate hazards during the design stages, construction phase to project completion. Saving you cost, time and potential ....

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We offer the very best services in our field. We are always ahead. We never settle for second best and always have your business needs as top priority   The issue of work-related injuries and disease is significant and growing, both for employer....

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Property Management

Good property management companies strive to minimise risk and maximise clients’ profits.   Managing multi-occupied properties involves understanding a wide range of complex information and relationships. It is important that people with opera....

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Your Main Assets

Highly engaging tailored training enables you to improve the safety, health & wellbeing of at every level   We offer the very best and effective interactive face to face sessions, bespoke to your business needs, to achieve a working environm....

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‘Alex is a well-connected HSE professional that always takes time to support her clients and people in her network. She is a very
proactive and responsible person who has a great set of skills and knowledge that she uses to help her clients and colleagues. I was fortunate enough to meet and network with her through the IOSH branch and found that her help and support was exceptional to my own personal development. I would always recommend her and in my opinion she is an asset to any company that she is required provide a service to.’

– D Roberts

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